Magnolia grandiflora, Silk Wall Hanging

Magnolia grandiflora, Georg Dionysius Ehret

The Bull Bay (Magnolia grandiflora) was introduced to Europe from the southern United States. It flowered in Europe for the first time in the garden of Sir Charles Wager at Parson’s Green, near Fulham, a suburb of London. Ehret walked there every day from his home in Chelsea to draw the plant.

Botanical study of a Bull Bay (Magnolia grandiflora) by Georg Dionysius Ehret (1708-70); watercolour and gouache on vellum; London; 1743

100% Silk, beautifully printed in true, vibrant colors.

Silk hand sewn onto canvas backing. Hand painted wooden frame, with faux leather hanging strap.

Size approx. height 55cm, width 40cm (20.6" x 15.7")

Printed & handmade in England.

Georg Dionysius Ehret (30 January 1708 – 9 September 1770) was a botanist and entomologist known for his botanical illustrations. He became one of the most influential European botanical artists of all time.

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